The Search for our First Batch

Our 19 SIFF Scholars went through multiple workshops, discussions, and interviews in our pursuit for the SIFF Scholar Program. We conducted our search in various homes and schools in Bangalore. We followed a process that looked at all-round dimensions of the child along with the socio-economic conditions of the family. To do this, we interacted with over 200 children in 2016 – the challenge was to go beyond the conventional aptitude tests.

Interactive Workshops
Through Science Workshops, we would spot a child being proactive - persistent in his/her effort in creating something new, helping another struggling child or collecting extra material being wasted without being told. The storytelling and craft workshops gave wings to their imagination and got the creative juices flowing.

Insightful Discussions
Our group discussions drew interesting insights from the children. Their observations ranged from facing bullying at home or neighborhood to gender roles in their families. Their perceptions and ideas along with a new found confidence came alive through these discussions.

Candid Interviews
We spent a lot of time conducting one on one interviews with the children. They opened up about hopes, family issues, and struggles. Some expressed their fears while others took their time to trust us, but all of them were honest about aspiring towards a brighter future.

Home Visits
Our final step of the process was home visits. Every home had stories of parents struggling with daily wages, medical problems, and family conflicts. Amidst this, we looked for signs of commitment from parents to support and encourage their children through education. We found these families resilient in their circumstances, but were open to embrace a new future for their children.